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 supporting your  future goals

stress management
counselling support
supervision for professionals


 supporting your  future goals


Students and employees of participating organizations can either self refer or obtain a referral from their tutor, course leader, occupational health, human resources, learning support advisor or other relevant person.

This is a free telephone wellbeing service to you if your university or employer subscribes to our service.

At the moment we offer short-term therapy of 6 sessions over a twelve month period. 

Effective now:   Due to increased demand we can only offer 6 sessions in total and cannot offer returning students further sessions.

We are not a crisis service.

If you are in distress or feel suicidal, or have tried to commit suicide in the past you are advised to contact your GP for counselling.


The Samaritans is a listening service and they can be reached on telephone 116 123 or
08457 90 90 90
or email 
You can also go to a hospital emergency department

To Register:



All THREE (3) forms need to be completed otherwise your registration is incomplete and will not be actioned.

If you are in distress or feel suicidal you can contact the Samaritans on telephone 116 123 or 08457 90 90 90 or email jo@samaritans.orgYou can also go to a hospital emergency department or contact your GP

What We Offer


Our wellbeing service provides confidential counselling support for exam stress and anxiety management sessions via telephone by appointment.

Our sessions should not be seen as way to resolve long standing deep seated issues or as a replacement for analytical psychotherapy.

Please be aware that we are an external provider and not an integral part of your academic institution.
We do reserve the right to refuse service. Provision of service is at our discretion and it is not mandatory that we offer sessions to you.  Should you have any queries or require clarification in this regard please contact your university Learning Support department.

Also, our terms and conditions may change without notice, although we try to inform you beforehand of any changes.

Each therapist is an independent practitioner. refers students to a therapist and the therapist can choose to accept the referral or not.

You can request change of therapist depending upon availability.


Complaints can be made by emailing: and also by contacting your institution via Learning Support.


When you complete the Registration Forms, we will review them and offer you a Way Forward/Assessment appointment as soon as one becomes available.

You are only a phone call away from getting the support you need.  

Our Approach


The service's approach is integrative and solution focused and short term.

An Integrative approach is when different techniques are blended to meet the uniqueness of each of our clients. 


​Our wellbeing professionals are qualified, insured, maintain professional memberships and attend mandatory supervision.

Your feedback is important to us.

We welcome compliments, comments and complaints please send them to Carmen King,

Head of Service 

Email address is


If you would like to contact us on any other matter, please email: 



Your confidentiality is important to us

We do our best to maintain your privacy but in today's digital age we cannot provide a guarantee that email accounts and platforms are not hacked by bad actors.


We do not offer wellbeing/counselling groups via What'sApp or any other platform.

Any groups stating that they are affiliated with or stating they are our wellbeing group are not represented by us.




Due to security and confidentiality concerns we will no longer be using What'sApp

for sessions.  

For your security and protection of your emails we recommend that you use a safe encrypted provider for the transmission of your emails to us.

Your email accounts

We suggest that you create a password protected email account.   


is one such provider.

For added security, we also suggest using your student email to register with us rather than the open the general open email providers such as hotmail, yahoo etc.

Your confidential information during sessions are maintained securely according to GDPR.

What will we do with your information? To communicate with you and provide you with counselling and related services.

Should you wish to remove your agreement to this service's use of your data at any point please let us know by email to:

                     click below to learn more     

                                    ABOUT US

Sarah Kitson.jpg

Sarah Kitson

Qualified Counsellor

Carol LR.jpg
20220707_184138 (1)new photo janet.jpg

Carol Louvet-Reiz



Janet Gayle-Scarlett

Qualified Counsellor

Vasos12 (3).jpg

Vasos Silivistris



Helen C.jpg

Helen Cleverly

Qualified Counsellor

Laura Smallman IMG_7541 (1).jpg

Laura Smallman 

 Qualified  Counsellor

IMG-0126 me.jpg

Carmen King

Head of Service



Just a note on geographical location and time zones of our counsellors/advisors 

Wherever you are located all

appointment times are scheduled according to GMT (London UK time)

Sarah Kitson is based in the UK                                  

Carol  Louvet-Reiz is based in the UK                         


Dr Vasilios Silivistris (Vasos) is based in the UK       

James Wright is based in the UK     

Janet Gayle-Scarlett is based in the UK

Helen Cleverly is based in the UK


If you are an employer or organization looking for wellbeing support for your staff or students please feel free email any questions you may have to:
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