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Students and employees of participating organizations can either self refer or obtain a referral from their tutor, course leader, occupational health, human resources, learning support advisor or other relevant person.

This is a free telephone wellbeing service to you if your university or employer subscribes to our service.

At the moment we offer short-term therapy of 6 sessions over a twelve month period.  Please note that the number of sessions over a twelve month period is currently under review and subject to change.

Due to high demand we now have a 3-4 week waiting list.  

Click the button on the left to complete

the registration forms to be added to the list.  Your first appointment will be a Way Forward/Assessment to explore other services that may be of help which may include counselling.

Please note that we are no longer providing Letters of Support.

You are advised to contact your GP or other relevant person for letters of support or evidence.

However, we can provide a statement confirming that you have contacted our service.

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