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      via telephone only

We don't want you to be disappointed so please remember that this is a

telephone counselling service

We do not provide face to face counselling in building premises. 

Some people prefer face to face counselling in a physical building where they can be in the same room as a counsellor. 


Should you feel that face to face is what you prefer you can contact your

  Local branch of MIND

  The British Association for Counselllling and Psycotherapy (BACP)

  The National Counselling Society

  or your doctor's  office.

The main advantage of telephone counselling is that you do not need to travel to appointments.

Please be aware that it is not advisable to receive therapy from different sources at the same time.  If you are in therapy elsewhere, we would suggest contacting us when you have fully ended with the previous practitioner.




If you are happy to proceed with this understanding then please feel free to book your appointment.

Booking your appointment is easy using our online schedule by clicking

the link below to be taken to our appointment service:

Just a note on geographical location of our counsellors.

Carmen King is based in the USA  (she will call you)

Sarah Kitson is based in the UK     (you will call her)

James Wright is based in the UK   (you will call him)


Regardless of where you are located - 

appointment times are scheduled according to 

London UK time

We do have a few required registration documents that you can access here:

1.  Informed Consent
2.  Emergency and GP
3.  Suicide Prevention Policy

Book your first appointment with one of our counsellors

1   Select Telephone Assessment

2   Select a Counsellor

3   Select an available appointment time


You can expect to receive confirmation

usually within 24 hours excluding weekends and public holidays

 If for some reason you do not receive a confirmation, please contact us on



If there are no convenient appointment times please email:

For your convenience we also offer you the choice to complete your assessment on-line



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